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Regulatory roundabout: Four developments you need to know

We highlight notable European regulatory developments, from equal pay for equal work to guidance documents on bolstering the single market for goods.

From this month, German lawyers are able to make formal legal notifications of mergers online using a dedicated platform for electronic legal notices—beBPo. The platform’s use was extended following a recent reform of the country's competition law.
On 4 March, the European Commission (EC) tabled a proposal on pay transparency to ensure equal pay for equal work, designed to bridge existing gaps. The proposal sets out transparency measures, such as pay information for job seekers, a right to know the pay levels for workers doing the same work, as well as gender pay gap reporting obligations for big companies.
According to the EC, several European Union member countries have introduced restrictive measures during COVID-19 that disrupted the functioning of the Single Market for goods. As a result, the executive adopted three guidance documents (5 March) that aim to help businesses and national administrations fully harness the market.

On 9 March, the EC presented its strategic vision for the digital transformation of Europe by 2030. The so-called Digital Compass paper includes targets for growth sectors designed to fulfil the bloc’s ambition “to be digitally sovereign in an open and interconnected world”.