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Regulatory roundabout: Three developments you need to know

We highlight notable European regulatory developments, from the launch of a new trade strategy with sustainability at its heart, to a consultation on digitising the European justice system.

The European Parliament published (9 February) a study on updating the Unfair Contract Terms directive for digital services. It recommends introducing a black and grey list of unfair terms, strengthening current sanctions and introducing new obligations for digital service providers.
A public consultation was launched (17 February) on the digitalisation of EU cross-border civil, commercial and criminal procedures, with a view to modernising EU justice systems. Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, said the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the importance and need for greater digitalisation in the field of justice.

The European Commission put sustainability at the heart of its new trade strategy, launched 18 February. The strategy prioritises a major reform of the World Trade Organization, including global commitments on trade and climate, new rules for digital trade, reinforced rules to tackle competitive distortions, and restoring its system for binding dispute settlement.